These Piezography Selenium inks are the favorite inks of Jon Cone, the inventor of Piezography.
They were designed with the help of his teacher Mr. Arnold Gassan, who taught at the university in Ohio.
Arnold Gassan has written several books on photography that are still very popular.
He also encouraged Jon Cone to study the chemistry of photography, to fully understand the Zone System and to become an experienced darkroom practitioner, which greatly influenced Jon Cone's work as a developer of printing techniques.
At the end of his life Arnold Gassan and Jon Cone collaborated on some digital workflows.
Jon once asked Arnold to give him a print on his favorite Ilford baryte paper with a Selenium bend.
The values ​​from this print were used to create this Piezography Selenium ink shade.
Used on glossy paper like the JonCone Studio Type 4, the resulting hue is very similar to Ilford baryte paper prints, perhaps even a perfect replica. Difficult to obtain a rendering as close to a print on silver baryte paper transferred to Selenium!
On JonCone Studio Type 5 paper, the warmth of the tones strongly resembles that of Agfa paper.
These inks are among the best selling because they come very close to what you can get by working in his traditional photo lab.
These inks are designed for use with QuadTone Rip and Piezography profiles.
You can achieve a DMax of 1.65 on matte papers such as the JonCone Studio Type 2 and the Photo Rag Hahnemühle.
On glossy papers (including Baryta papers) with the use of the Gloss Optimizer you can reach levels as high as DMax of 2.8.
Find the right tone for you by testing these exceptional inks on various white papers.

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