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ARCHES®, which is constantly innovating, has developed a new formula for its ARCHES® Platine paper for platinum, palladium, cyanotype and all other alternative photographic prints.
ARCHES® offers photographers high-quality paper that enhances their work and ensures their preservation over time.
Hand-impregnated by the user, the choice of this paper is essential to meet the highest archival requirements.

145grs – 56x76cm – 25 sheets310grs – 112x76cm – 25 sheets310grs – 56x76cm – 25 sheets310grs-28x38cm-25 feuilles310grs-130x914cm-Rouleau

Arches® Platine

100% cotton, without reserve alkaline nor acid, without optical brighteners, it is manufactured on round form. Pure white, it is particularly suitable for platinum-palladium printing and the preservation of photographic works, including cyanotypes, platinotypes, protein papers, silver gelatin papers or color processes.

The new formula:

  • always without reserve alkaline (without calcium carbonate supply, the latter being incompatible with alternative processes)
  • at neutral to slightly acidic pH
  • without optical brighteners
  • with a satin surface

This new formula gives ARCHES® Platine an even whiter color (always without brightener), which restores and accentuates contrasts and “makes” the details. The higher Dmax enhances the depth of blacks.

The ideally glued paper allows a perfect impregnation. The absorption of the photosensitive solution containing the platinum and palladium salts does not imply a systematic use of the additives

The new grammage:

Already available in 310 g / m², ARCHES® Platine paper is now available in145 g / m², which is particularly suitable for book publishing and smaller standard sizes.

  • Composition: 100% cotton – Without reserve alkaline – Made on round shape
  • Weight: 310 g / m² or 145 g / m²
  • Texture: satin grain, very soft
  • White colour
  • Edges: 4 fringed edges, except for the 28x38cm and rolls
  • Filigree: “Arches® Platinum France”
  • Format: sheet, roll
  • Conservation: without reserve alkaline, without acid or optical brighteners, satisfies the conditions of the photographic activity test PAT following the norm ISO 18916
  • Use: photographic print platinum, palladium, cyanotype – Conservation and protection of works in photographic form

Additional information

Weight 3 kg

Boîte Arches Platine

145grs – 56x76cm – 25 sheets, 310grs – 112x76cm – 25 sheets, 310grs – 56x76cm – 25 sheets, 310grs-28x38cm-25 feuilles, 310grs-130x914cm-Rouleau

Grammage (g/m²)

145 grs, 310 grs

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Arches® Platine


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