The Kobayashi Workshop (Kobayashi Hake Seisakujo) is a traditional brush-making workshop based in Narashino, Chiba Prefecture, East Japan.
The company was founded in 1907. Kobayashi brushes and brushes are the reference in the field of editing and restoration of works of art.
Atelier Kobayashi is also a supplier of many museums in the world: the Louvre Museum, The British Museum, The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston among others.
We offer here their famous brushes specially created for the realization of prints platinum / palladium, they are considered the best in the world.
Synthetic bristles are tied with a strip of cherry bark and connected to the wooden handle with a silk thread.
There is no metal part so no risk of rust or contamination.
The length and the volume of the bristles allow an application of the optimized sensitive solution which makes it possible to use to use less, they are very resistant
to chemical deterioration.
The standard version of this brush allows a perfect application on Western papers.
The “Soft” version allows the application of the photosensitive solution on very fine washi Japanese papers.

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