ConeColor Pro inks are widely regarded as the most successful third-party inks on the market today.
They have been sold since 2007 and are comparable to Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM).
ConeColor Pro inks are the only third-party inks to use microencapsulated pigments that are identical to those of Epson and HP.
Each pigment particle is surrounded by a thin layer of co-polymer that isolates it from the static charge so that ConeColor pigments can not attract each other, stick and clump together. clogging the print heads.
Encapsulation is very different from "resin" formulations produced by other third-party ink manufacturers.
ConeColor Pro inks are developed with high performance pigments developed with the same technology as the famous Black & White Piezography inks.
It is not necessary to purge the original Epson inks before installing the ConeColor Pro because both ink formulations are compatible.
It is therefore possible to switch to ConeColor Pro inks as and when needed.

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