CURA Micro Wiper Optical Cleaning Papers


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The CURA Lens Cleaner and the CURA Micro Wiper Gold Medal 2014, 2015 and 2016 by the magazine Digital Camera in Japan!

Optical cleaning papers for photo lenses.
50 sheets per box
Dimension 100 x 80 mm
Made in Japan

250 sheets50 sheets

CURA Micro Wiper Optical Cleaning Papers

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Thanks to a manufacturing technique using water under pressure, the irregular texture of the cut and extruded fibers of CURA Micro Wiper optical cleaning papers is measured in nanometers.

The water used during this process comes from the Niyodo River in Japan highly renowned for its richness and purity.

This extra soft micro fiber cloth removes the slightest grease on a camera lens.

It is ideal for different surfaces such as mobile phones, touch pads and computer screen.

Used with the

, the CURA Micro Wiper Optical Cleaning Papers will give you a perfect cleaning without any trace.

Composition: acrylic non-woven fabric

Dimension: 100 × 80mm

Quantity: 50 rags per box

Country of manufacture: Japan

Ce qu’en dit la presse japonaise:

CURA Micro Wiper est un produit pratique qui permet de nettoyer non seulement un objectif mais aussi tout un appareil photo » Camera Style Magazine F5.6, vol. 18, 2012.

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Number of sheets per box

250 sheets, 50 sheets

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CURA Micro Wiper Optical Cleaning Papers


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