CURA KUMANO cleaning brush


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Materials: nylon, goat wool (hair), wood, brass (stem)

Dimension: 120 x 25 mm

Delivered with protective case


The KUMANO cleaning brush, created by CURA, is manufactured in the world-renowned Kumano City in Japan for the manufacture of high-quality caligraphy and make-up brushes.

It is hand made, piece by piece, and labeled as a product of the craft industry KUMANO.

The particularity of this brush KUMANO CURA is that it has two different qualities of hair to obtain perfect results for the cleaning of your camera and your objectives:

– long hairs are made of very soft nylon used for makeup brushes, to gently remove the dust from your lenses.

– The short hairs are made of goats’ ankle wool, with a good hold, which allows to clean even in the small recesses of your camera.

This is the “brush” to have in your cleaning kit that will always ensure the efficient maintenance of your valuable devices, in addition of course the CURA Lens Cleaner and CURA Micro Wiper which have become your must-have products!

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CURA KUMANO cleaning brush


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