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A sample folder containing all varieties of Awagami inkjet paper.
It is intended for printing tests to select the paper or papers that will best suit your photographs.

Convenient! A label indicating the reference of the paper is glued on the back of each sheet.


20 A4 sheets

  • 1 Mitsumata, 1 Kozo fin blanc
  • 1 Kozo fin naturel, 1 Kozo épais blanc
  • 1 Kozo épais naturel, 1 Kozo double couche
  • 1 Inbe fin blanc, 1 Inbe épais blanc
  • 1 Inbe extra épais blanc, 1 Murakumo Kozo Select blanc
  • 1 Murakumo Kozo Select natural, 1 Unryu fin
  • 1 Bizan Medium ou Épais blanc, 1 Bambou 220g
  • 1 Bizan Medium ou Épais naturel, 1 Bambou 170g
  • 1 Bambou 250g, 1 Premium Kozo
  • 1 Premium Inbe, 1 Premium Unryu

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Famille de papier

Awagami Paper Samples

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Number of sheets per box

20 sheets

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Awagami sample pack


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