Awagami Mitsumata Paper


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Roll Size 111.8cm × 15m (44 inches), A3 + and A4

95 grs

1 sheet per box for roll 111.8cm × 15m (44 inches)

10 sheets per box for A3+

20 sheets per box for A4

A3+A4Roll 111.8 cm × 15 m 44 inches

This neutral fiber paper from Mitsumata is known for its fineness. It is an elegant paper with a smooth and slightly glossy appearance. It has a double face, front made of Mitsumata fibers and back of pulp.

It offers the possibility to separate its two layers after printing. This paper is recommended for printing black and white photos and reproducing artistic works.

Size: Roll 111.8cm × 15m (44 inches), A3 + and A4

Weight: 95 grs

Materials: Mitsumata fibers (front), cellulose (verso)

PH: neutral

Thickness: 0.18mm

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Famille de papier

Awagami Mitsumata

Number of sheets per box

10 sheets, 20 sheets

Grammage (g/m²)

95 grs

Paper size

A3+, A4, Roll 111.8 cm × 15 m 44 inches

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Awagami Mitsumata Paper


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