MS Optics, based in Funabashi in Japan, is an artisanal manufacturer of atypical lenses for Leica or Leica M cameras.
The founder of the company, Mr. Sadayasu Miyazaki, is a former designer from Pilot and from Tomy, he works alone in his workshop to design, draw and manufacture his own brand of objectives “apart”.
A true Leica enthusiast and optics, Mr. Miyazaki first began in 1996 to custom-customize the lenses of other brands to fit the Leica M. mount.
Ten years later, he created cult goals like the famous Sonnetar and Perar, the latter being of an astonishing delicacy.
Made in small batches, each new model has now become an event for Leica enthusiasts and collectors.
The ambition of Miyazaki, of MS Optics, is to create lenses to capture the light “Maroyaka” (round) that other more industrial and mainstream objectives can not capture.
Its unique goals, with their true personalities, have become highly sought after by image enthusiasts around the world.

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