Thumbs Up EP-MX F “Flat” for Leica M10


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The Match Technical Service Thumbs-Up EP-MX F specially designed for the new Leica M10.

Without Allen key system

Available in two finishes, Black (Black) or Silver (Silver)

Can not be used with EVF Electronic Viewfinder


The Thumbs Up EP-MX F Flat, without Allen key for Leica M10.

Silicone rubber inserts are located in two locations. These inserts serve to dampen vibrations and ensure stable contact with the case while protecting it.

The Thumbs Up EP-MX F benefits from an ergonomic profile (EP) with a 22 ° long bevel.

The Thumbs Up EP-MX F will give you a feeling of natural hold with a sense of security.

You will be able to hold your Leica device safely with one hand without inadvertently overriding the setting of the programming wheel.

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Black, Silver

Thumbs Up EP-MX F "Flat" for Leica M10


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