Thumbs Up EP-LQ2 for the Leica Q2


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The Thumbs Up EP-LQ2 is designed exclusively for the Leica Q2.

Supplied with a clamping tool.


New model, the EP-LQ2 for the Leica Q2.

The new Leica Q2 now has its own Thumbs Up.

The Thumbs Up EP-LQ2, which is designed exclusively for him.

It provides the double advantage of a secure grip with good weight distribution during shooting.

Machined solid brass, hand polished with a black finish.

Two silicone rubber inserts provide protection between the case and the Thumbs Up. These inserts dampen vibrations and isolate the Thumbs Up from the device.

The Thumbs Up EP-LQ2 gives a perfect balance when handling and especially secures.

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Thumbs Up EP-LQ2 for the Leica Q2


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