Piezography® Workshop & Palladium Platinum with Jon Cone

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Jon Cone has been providing innovative black and white inkjet techniques and methodology since 1993. He developed Piezography, which is a brand of monochromatic inks and software that produce what is unarguably the absolute highest-standard in black and white printing. It’s primary purpose is printing black & white photographs with carbon.


Learn more on the website :https://piezography.com/


Partnership : Patrick Borie-Duclaud of Taos photographic, distributor in Europe of the inks


Piezography® :https://taosphoto.fr/en/


Price :1500 euros.
Maximum group size: 6.
Material and lunch included.


Dates : 8-12 October 2019


Deadlines for inscriptions : August 28 2019


More information on the workshop in the attached registration form:
Inscription workshop Jon Cone



October 8 to 12, 2019

An exceptional internship given by Jon Cone especially from the United States to teach his Piezography® system (Piezo Pro, Piezo DN) and, at the same time, explore the Malde-Ware platinum palladium draw technique. This is a unique opportunity to experience the link between digital and an old process through the creation of digital negatives and the platinum palladium print.

About twenty years ago Jon Cone from Inkjetmall developed Piezography® for digital printing. He introduced to the market this process that revolutionizes digital black & white photography by allowing a quality of prints equivalent to that obtained in film. Indeed, a software partially replaces the standard driver of the printer and digital printing, using ten monochrome inks with coal pigments plus varnish. Learn more about: https://piezography.com/

• Piezography Pro is a printing process that uses ten monochrome inks with charcoal pigments plus varnish, providing a wealth of exceptional shades of gray.

• Piezography® also allows the creation of digital negatives (Digital Negatives) of very high quality used in all contact printing processes (film, platinum-palladium, gum dichromate, cyanotype, etc.).

• The Malde-Ware method concerns direct-darkening platinum palladium drawing, without developer chemistry.

Dates of the internship: five days, from 8 to 12 October 2019

Price per trainee: 1500 euros
maximum 6 participants

Included: equipment and lunch

Program :

two days of positive impressions in Piezo Pro and negative Piezo DN
a day of chemistry preparation for the platinum palladium print with the Malde-Ware method.
two days of draw

Participants will be able to walk away with Piezography® prints and platinum palladium prints

Piezography® Workshop & Palladium Platinum with Jon Cone