MS Optics Petz 2/57mm MC « Historical Series #3 »


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MS Optics Petz 2/57mm MC Historical Series N°3


  • Leica M Mount
  • Enhanced Petzval lens
  • 4 multilayered optical elements in 4 groups
  • All 8 surfaces are processed multi-layer, 97.5% transmission
  • Focal length: 57.3mm
  • Maximum aperture f / 2.05
  • Lens diameter 37mm, length 37mm
  • Weight: 110 grs
  • Diameter 50mm
  • Filter and Sun screen 40.5 mm
  • Minimum focus about 1m

All the lenses MS Optics are controlled in Toulouse, before delivery, by Daniel Martin, Fouinoflex.


MS Optics Petz 2 / 57mm MC Historical Series # 3

Mr. Miyazaki is back with his latest creation.

This Petz 2 / 57mm lens is part of the “History” series. In case you do not know, Mr. Miyazaki decided to

recreate some of his favorite optics and this time he revisited in his own way one of these legends, the Petzval.

The Petzval is a portrait optics designed in 1840 by Petzval and Voigtländer with an aperture of 3.6, it was at the time 20 times brighter than the objective of Knight who opened at f / 11.

His resolution and contrast were excellent at full opening but his weak points were his field curvature and uncorrected astigmatism.

Its focal length was a Leica 180 / 200mm telescope, but it was said at the time that it was difficult to use because of its bokeh turning too hard.

The concept of this goal:

  • a good performance in the center with a soft bokeh at the periphery of the frame
  • easy-to-use focal length, slightly longer than normal

To achieve this, Mr. Miyazaki inverted the concave / convex back elements and spaced them apart, furthermore he used glass with a high refractive index for the two concave elements, and thus succeed in developing a portrait lens with an aperture maximum of f2.05.

This lens also gives a large round of circular coma with minimal hardness around the edge of the image, which is desirable for a Petzval type lens. When the lens is more closed, the softness is considerably reduced and, from f4 to f5.6, the flare disappears and the quality of the image is very good on the whole frame.

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MS Optics Petz 2/57mm MC « Historical Series #3 »


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