Classic M-Softrelease for Leica M 240, Monochrom & M-E


The new M-Softrelease by Tom Abrahamsson, specially designed for the latest Leica M, Monochrom and M-E cases

The thread on the trigger of the new Leica M, Monochrom and M-E is different.

Leica has changed it, it is shallow and slightly thinner.

This means that standard Softies do not completely screw on the trigger button.

There is therefore a gap of 1/32 “between the bottom of the Softie and the top of the trigger.

Unfortunately this means that the new Softies compatible with the Leica M, Monochrome and M-E will not screw properly on older M-boxes.

In order to differentiate the new model a groove aesthetic was dug in the knurling of the slice of the Softie


The Abrahamsson M-Softreleases are machined in a robust aeronautical aluminum alloy by numerically controlled machines.

The Abrahamsson Softie has a convex surface that allows you to “feel” it even on the edges for a super fast trigger (no need to look for its center) and more importantly, you can use the second finger joint as a hook on its convex shape to better control the pressure on the trigger

M-Softrelease Classic

15mm in diameter

Available in 4 colors: black, chrome, red or M-E Gray

photos: Henning Wulff ©

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Black, Red

Classic M-Softrelease for Leica M 240, Monochrom & M-E


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